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Certification CE BSEN1279 APPROVED

To manufacture double glazed units, certification is required for BSEN1279 Part 2, production quality and BSEN1279 Part 3,
which relates to gas leakage at less than 1% per annum. Certification is your guarantee of quality.

It is a legal requirement that all double glazed units must have CE mark in accordance with construction products Regulation declaration of performance
Certification CE BSEN1279 Approved.

To manufacture double glazed units, certification is required for BSEN 1279 Part 2, Production Quality and BSEN 1279 Part 3, which relates to Gas Leakage at less than 1% per annum, and are a Legal requirement.

slimlite certificationslimlite Certification
Certificate BSEN1279 Part 2 BSI 262/4677672 (Production Quality)
Certificate BSEN1279 Part 3 BSI 371/7758378 (Gas Leakage)
Certificate BSEN1279 Part 6 SDG0703/11870B Annex B Audit Test
Certificate BSEN673 UKAS Certified U-Value (Insulation)
Certificate BSEN150 8990. National Physical Laboratory Thermal Transmittance
Certificate AC-09-140-03/09 ISO 717-1 Sound Reduction

safetySafety Glass Standard
Toughened glass, Class 1 BSEN 12150
Laminated glass, Class 2 BSEN 14449

Safety glass required for all door and sidelights and any glass in a window below 800mm from the floor and can be toughened or laminated glass. Laminate glass has less breaking resistance than toughened glass. Laminated glass will provide protection to internal furnishings as Ultra Violet radiation is reduced by 98/99%.
All slimlite Premier Quality Ultra Clear Self Cleaning Double Glazed Units can be constructed as the undernoted example or with any type of glass or thickness. The width of the cavities denote the insulation or U Value, and thickness of glass has little or no effect on U Values.



Slimlite ULTRA CLEAR SELF CLEANING Double Glazed Units with 5mm Perimeter Seal

Cavity 4mm U-Value 1.5 Insulation 25%
Cavity 5mm U-Value 1.4 Insulation 35%
Cavity 6mm U-Value 1.2 Insulation 58%
Cavity 8mm U-Value 1.0 Insulation 99%
Cavity 100 U-Value 0.9 Insulation 100%

ULTRA CLEAR Self Cleaning Reproduction Crown

Warm Edge spacer
It is generally considered that warm edge spacer used in Slimlite Construction will improve current stated U Values by 0.1 - 0.2.

Triple slimlite Double Glazed Units available on application.

slimlite – Gas Content-Gas Leakage Certificate BSI 371/7758378 Krypton inert gas
Double Glazed Units have a gas leakage rate and are required to have a gas leakage certificate at a rate less than 1% per annum which is BSEN1279 Part 3. The standard gas fill required is 90%, but Slimlite has an average gas fill of 96.5% and certified average leakage loss at 0.77% per annum. Therefore Slimlite has approximately 7% more gas over a period of 10 years at 89.32% and 20 years at 82.67% compared to a standard unit gas 90% fill with resulting loss at 79.33% at ten years and 74.33% at 20% years. Loss of inert gas will decrease the insulation of a double glazed unit which is important in today's escalating energy costs.

warm edge icon

Slimlite Ultra Clear Self Cleaning Double Glazed Units are a Certified Quality Product
Reproduction Crown Glass - Historic and Heritage applications (see indicative illustration on back page).
Dummy Glazing Bars or Astragals - See Pilkington UK Technical Bulletin Ref M17 Date 13 October 2011.