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The Difference is CLEAR

Ask for the best when looking for your new or replacement windows. Check with our approved supplier list to ensure you're receiving the original and best Slimlite Ultra Clear Self Cleaning Double Glazed Units.


Introducing slimlite ultraclear

New Technology ultraclear Self-cleaning Double Glazed Units Light Transmission (Vision Clarity) 85%

The Difference is Clear.


Glazing Bar & Astragal Detail

Slimlite Ultra Clear Self Cleaning

  • Standard Cavity Widths: 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm
  • Standard overall Perimeter Seal Depth - 5.0mm (overall tolerances + or - 1mm)
  • Minimum timber rebate depth - 7.0mm

Section Standard astragal or glazing bars with Slimlite (not to scale)

Glazing sizes should be less than 2mm - 3mm from height and 2mm - 3mm from width. Allowance should be made where opening sizes are irregular.

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