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The Difference is CLEAR

Ask for the best when looking for your new or replacement windows. Check with our approved supplier list to ensure you're receiving the original and best Slimlite Ultra Clear Self Cleaning Double Glazed Units.


Introducing slimlite ultraclear

New Technology ultraclear Self-cleaning Double Glazed Units Light Transmission (Vision Clarity) 85%

The Difference is Clear.


Standard Double Glazed Units

Most standard double glazed units are constructed with cavities around 16mm to 20mm and filled with Argon gas. The wide cavities are necessary to achieve the required insulation or U Value. Argon is a light gas and necessary for wider cavities. Argon cannot produce the best insulation in small cavities which require Krypton and Xenon to provide the best results. Some standard double glazed units still use an aluminium spacer to provide the required cavity. However this causes a cold bridge around the perimeter evidenced as condensation around the perimeter in cold conditions. Slimlite Ultra Clear and Slimlite Standard Self Cleaning Units by using warm edge spacer, which is now becoming popular avoids this problem, as the difference in insulation from centre to perimeter is almost nil. Slimlite Ultra Clear and Slimlite Standard Self Cleaning Units
Constructed: 4mm Low E/4mm Cavity, gas/4mm Clear - U Value 1.9 BSEN673
National Physical Laboratory Report on total overall U Value 1.96 BSEN8990.



Continuation Sheet


The measurement on R091 was carried out on 29th September 2009

The standardised thermal transmittance value for R091 is given in Table 2, and a summary of the main experimental parameters is given in Table 3.

Table 2: Standardised Thermal Transmittance (U)


NPL Number
Customer Identity
Glazing Specifications
* gap sizes
* gas fills
* coating type






Double-glazed IGU with Krypton gas fill

4mm glazing cavity Krypton gas fill 11.57 1.96
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